Now we have had a period of good weather the bulldozers and dumper trucks are working at full capacity.  Eighteen dumper trucks are moving about 44,000 tonnes of soil each week.  They are hauling it to the south east corner of the island where the future landscape is beginning to form out of the flat surface.  Creeks are appearing, islands have been formed and lower areas will create future lagoons.

June will be an exciting one as it sees the beginning of the construction of the inlet and outlet sluices for the massive saline lagoon.  This is the lagoon you can see on your right as you walk towards the footbridge along the sea wall and which goes over the conveyor belt bringing the soils in.  The lagoon will eventually be saline but at the moment it is holding rain water in the lower areas.  Even though it is a quieter time of year, some birds are still using it with loafing gulls, shelduck and swans regularly seen.

Common blue by David Lee

Butterflies are being seen more regularly with common blue and small heath making an appearance in the last couple of weeks. 

A beautiful bird that was spotted for one day only was the dotterel, stopping on its way north to the uplands to breed. 

If you want to find out more about the Wallasea Island Project visit our events page and find out more about our open day in July - One Wild Day at Wallasea

Rachel Fancy - Warden, Wallasea Island & Foulness