The new Jubilee Marsh is seeing its first breeding season and we have over 40 avocets using the lagoons here as well as in other areas across the island.  Elsewhere we also have a pair of little ringed plovers and although only here for a short while our first spoonbill.

The other exciting new visitors to the island are our cows.  The herd will grow to about 25 in number over the coming weeks.  These are currently grazing in the western half of the grazing marsh and look very content.

In June contractors arrive to finish the sluices for the lagoon and adjacent saltpan, the creek network and adjacent lagoons, and the perimeter ditch.

The contractors will be working on the seaward side of the seawall and on the landward side.  This means there will be some work across the public footpath.  The footpath however will remain open throughout the period.