Please come and explore our new Marsh Flat Trail opened today!

You can take a shorter 1.5km circular walk which gives you excellent views of our lagoons (soon to be filled we hope) or you can strike out on a longer 4.5km walk which takes you on a loop around the grazing marsh and back to the car park.

We have many waders on our new lagoons depsite not being full plus large numbers of raptors hunting the voles through the grassland.  Come in the late afternoon to see the owls or at high tide to see the waders roosting on our lagoons!  You may also see some of our hares!

Please be aware that some of the paths may be muddy at this time of year.  The dry end to the summer meant the grass did not germinate very quickly and so it is only just starting to grow.  We will do our best to keep thr trail open but if the condition of the path deteriorates too much we will have to temporarily shut it.