Signs of winter are starting to appear on the reserves now. It’s a good time to look out for flocks of wintering thrushes, redwing and fieldfare can often been seen feeding on berries or on the woodland floor at Tudeley. Also look out for small flocks of finches or tits, often you can get something special in these flocks with brambling being seen with chaffinches or even a lesser spotted woodpecker being seen with flocks of tits.

Last month the fungi foray took place at Tudeley, 4 species were added to the reserve list bringing it to over 1150 for the reserve!

We also carried out our annual Tooth fungi survey on site. Tudeley is one of only a few sites that has a good assemblage of tooth fungi (so named because of their tooth like structures underneath which disperse spores). (Below is a picture of the bittertooth fungi  Sarcodon scabrosus)