3 pairs of spotted flycatchers have been seen across the reserve including one near the decoy cottage and pond. A tree pipit was heard singing in Pembury Heath and a lesser spotted woodpecker was seen on the adjacent woodland. In the woods marsh tits have been seen copulating in the Plants area, and tree creepers and nuthatches have been seen in Brakeybank. A garden warbler continues to sing in Brakeybank meadow.

On the meadow areas including Sandhill farm and Brakeybank numerous butterflies have been seen including 20+ dingy skippers, 12+green hairstreaks, 10+ grizzles skippers and 6+ common blue butterflies.

(Dingy Skipper)

Several slow worms have been seen on the last survey. The image below shows how well camouflaged the baby slow worms are in the grass. 

(Red circle shows the baby slow worm)                                                                                                                 (Close up of a baby slow worm)

Please let us know of any interesting sightings you see on the reserve.