A Dartford warbler was seen this week on Pembury heath, this is the second winter in a row that it has turned up, also present was a stonechat perching on some of the smaller pines.

A tawny owl was seen flying out of the woods near Pembury heath. Buzzards and kestrels continue to be seen flying over Yew tree and Sandhill farm field.

Flocks of tits have been seen throughout the wood, made up of long tailed, blue, coal and great tits as well as goldcrests, treecreepers and nuthatches. A few bullfiches have been seen flittering around Brakeybank wood and a flock of goldfinches have been seen feeding on teasels and thistles in brakeybank meadow.

Other species seen this month include large flocks of mixed thrushes. These continental arrivals have been seen in flocks of 100 or so and comprise of mainly fiedlfares, but also redwing, song and mistle thrushes.

There is still chance to see some interesting fungi out on the reserve. I managed to take a picture of this fly agaric several weeks ago in Pembury heath.


All the mist and fog at the start of the week made for some interesting photos, especially of all the spiders webs found in the heath. 

Please let us know of any interesting sightings you may have.