The survey season is coming upon us quickly. Volunteers are out across the reserve listening out for the elusive lesser spotted woodpecker at the moment. They are the smallest of our 3 native woodpeckers (the other 2 being Greater spotted and green woodpecker) and are normally found at the end of branches or tops of the tree rather than on the main trunk. You can listen to their drumming on the RSPBs website or their call on BBC radio 4s tweet of the day

One was heard in the woodland behind the meadow in the Brakeybank area of the reserve last week, so keep your ears open and eyes peeled.

Other species seen and heard across the reserve include song thrushes, nuthatches, goldcrest, treecreapers and several bullfinches in the Plants.

A stonechat was seen on the heathland ridge last week and 2 buzzards and a kestrel were seen over the fields in the Pembury heath area. Look out in the conifers and alders for flocks of siskins feeding and groups of tits including the odd marsh tit.

Please let us know of any sighting you may have.