Woodlark have been singing for the first time this year on Yewtree field and one was singing on Pembury Heath this morning. Also on the heath was a male Stonechat, a male Sparrowhawk was seen hunting yesterday over Pembury Heath as well as 3 Buzzards soaring over the woods.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker as one has been seen flying across the field into the woods.

Several Treecreepers and Nuthatches have been seen around Brakeybank and the Plants as well as small numbers of Marsh Tit.

With the warm weather, signs of spring are returning with the appearance of several Brimstone and Peacock butterflies being seen in the woodland. Also keep an eye out for movement on the big mounds of leaf litter in the woods as Wood Ants are beginning to become more active with the warming temperatures.

Please let us know of any interesting sightings you see on the reserve.