Our task for the day that is, not our Volunteers, although they did once again turn up in very inclement weather!  Having completed our trail-side ride widening beneath the high voltage power lines last time, this Wednesday we joined the trail heading towards The Meadow.


Looking towards The Meadow and back towards our previous clearance  - a narrow trail bordered by standard trees, coppice and scrub.

Having established as dry a camp as possible we welcomed two new Volunteers for the day Gary and Peter, then set to our clearance work.  We also had Assistant Warden, Chloe to lend a hand during the morning - seen here coppicing with Michael adding to their mighty brash pile.


Gary wading in with loppers to clear young coppice shoots and late afternoon sunlight penetrating where Peter has cleared.


Having worked hard all day through persistent rain, heavy showers, hail and eventually sunshine the team could really see good progress for their efforts, with the trail already much wider.  This will now be brush-cut to control remaining bramble and will ultimately act as a ride to connect The Meadow to Brakey Bank and provide safe and attractive passage for our butterfly population.

Charlotte and Gareth looking positively gleeful at the prospect of home time!

So once again, a highly productive and good humoured Work Party despite the soggy start - many thanks to Charlotte, Chloe, Dave, Gareth, Gary, Michael and Peter. Hope to see you next time......