As our Wednesday Work Parties continue into autumn proper, we are still being blessed with warm, fine weather. This week saw us re-locate to the Valley Mire area of the Reserve, just beneath the main Heathland and softwood plantation. The last Sunday Work Party had already made significant progress removing the largest specimens of birch and sweet chestnut scrub and our initial task was to dispose of their brash by way of a hearty fire.  Hats off to Dave for getting the fire going in record time - maybe we need to promote him to Kelly Kettle duty, which can be a trial at times!

Charlotte, Gareth, Jane and Michael then joined Dave dragging brash and feeding the fire to good effect. As the breeze got up towards lunch time, we decided it would be wise to feed from one side only, so having piled the remaining brash ready for post lunch fire feeding, we allowed the fire to die down a little.

Charlotte illustrates why we avoid scrub clearance during the spring/summer breeding season.

After a sociable lunch, this last pile was rapidly dispatched, so we spent the remainder of the afternoon cutting scrub ourselves. As we always impose a burning curfew to ensure fires are totally contained by the time we depart the site, we piled this brash for future burning. Having had a shortish lunch, Kelly was once again deployed at the end of the day to accompany the swiss roll Charlotte kindly provided - it's a hard life!

Thanks to everyone for another pleasurable day on the Reserve and welcome back Charlotte and Jane.