Despite the holiday season being in full swing, we had a decent turn out on Wednesday for the first of two August Work Parties.  All the glorious sunshine, warmth and occasional rain has caused an explosion of growth throughout The Reserve.  This has impacted on some of the Trails and Public Footpaths.  We are gradually getting around to ensuring these are accessible to our visitors, so please bear with us if you find an area in need of a haircut!

The first priority was to make the entrance path from the Car Park more inviting.

Gabrielle & Jane begin clearing the entrance path, their aim to open a sight line to the Trail head.

Meanwhile, Dave, Pete and Michael headed out to Dislingbury Road to litter pick from the Car Park to the A21, then back and slightly beyond the Car Park in the opposite direction.  They did an excellent job, though I'm disappointed to report four sacks of rubbish, which shows the scale of the littering issue.

I undertook clearance of the entrance approach which had got a little unruly...

Self sown thistles and other perennial weeds were detracting from the lovely hurdle edging around the wild flower bed.

Back from their litter escapades, Dave & Pete set to improving matters.....

Whilst Michael thankfully liberated the barrier post from the grip of vicious nettles!

After a well earned cuppa, we completed the final section of entrance path.

The gang return after another job ticked, did someone say "lunchtime?"

Much more appealing after our morning's work.

After improving the environment in and around the Car Park for our visitors, we headed over to the Heathland where we all undertook a rapid blitz of a stepped section of the Heathland Trail as time was marching on.  I'm glad to report this is once again passable.

It's amazing how much can be achieved with six willing volunteers. It was a most productive and jovial day and we look forward to picking up where we left off on the Heathland on the 27th August, with a variety of conservation tasks planned.

Many thanks to Dave, Gabrielle, Jane, Pete and Michael for their great work and fun company.