Last month came to a Christmassy conclusion with a bout of carol singing around the fire – after a hard days work of course! I don't think I've ever hear "Deck the Halls" sang as a round before...

 Thanks to Claire who laid out a lovely yuletide spread, and everyone else who contributed to the festivities, and indeed for all their hard work throughout 2013! Absolutely fantastic stuff!


This month, we’re hoping to welcome some new faces to try volunteering at Tudeley and boost the work party numbers. So if you’d like to try your hand at some practical woodland work, get some fresh air and meet some genuinely lovely people then come and join in!

 Contact Claire Derbyshire, work party head honcho, at or ring 07973 820 933 for more information or check out the Tudeley events page.

  • Thanks to Chloe for immortalising our festive exploits and to Alison, Brian, Charlotte, Dave, Gabrielle, Jane, Jean, Michael and Peter for contributing to such a fun day and to my co Lord of Misrule - Tom. My thanks also to Gareth, Gary, Keith, Joe, Matt & Richard for their Work Party contributions during the past year. Happy New Year, Claire.