Our volunteers have cleared a vast swathe underneath the High Voltage power lines on the Green and White nature trails.  This will encourage woodland flowers such as primrose, bugle and violet to germinate.  In the Spring this sunny bank will be rich with flowers.  This will help bees, butterflies and other insects, which in turn will help birds.

Keeping this sunny bank open for wildlife also benefits the electricity company; as we're keeping the vegetation low to promote the wildflowers, the power company do not have to come back to clear tall vegetation from touching their power lines.  It's a WIN-WIN!

The informaiton sign has been put in to explain to visitors about the work and about the wildlife they might see.  You might be wondering why it's blank!... We're working on the text and the sign will be in place within the next couple of weeks.

Lots of volunteers have been working to clear this stretch, but my special thanks go to David, Tim, Graham, Jane, Jean and Brian on our Sunday work group who came out between Christmas and New year to finish the job.  We certainly burned off a few Christmas calories and got plenty of fresh air.

Sightings on the day included a buzzard, a nuthatch, and a very sleepy toad.