March, as you may have noticed, has been a very strange month.  Knowing that the reserve may have to close down made me try to identify plants purely by their leaves.  This is why species such as Great Mullein and Broad-leaved Dock found their way on to my list.  The moths were all on the walls near the security lights at the visitor centre; I was particularly pleased to identify a micro-moth as a Coastal Flat-back.   This source of new finds has of course dried up since the reserve has been closed to visitors.   I am very lucky that I can walk from our cottage to the eastern boundary of Titchwell Marsh in less than 20 minutes as part of my daily exercise.  I can get to the dunes and beach in a similar time by a different route so I'll be able to keep on with this challenge without getting into my car.  Both routes are along very wide paths so it is very easy to maintain a safe distance away from other people. In future all additions to my list will be from east of Titchwell Creek,which for me will be like stepping back 50 years because this was my regular walk when we first lived at Brancaster Golf Club.


RAY'S 2020 CHALLENGE (002).pdf