Beach nesting birds on our North Norfolk beaches have had a tough month. Large high tides in May and June combined with strong northerly winds resulted in some nests being lost to the sea. Many are now relaying so we once again wait for these nests to hatch. 

Sea Foam. Lizzie Bruce

Thankfully at RSPB Snettisham and Titchwell the ringed plovers and oystercatchers nested high up on the beaches and were not affected by the high tides. The good news is that we are starting to see ringed plover and oystercatcher chicks on the beach. 

Ringed Plover eggs, photographed whilst nest monitoring 

If you are visiting beaches please help to give these vulnerable birds a chance by:
 Staying away from any cordons so birds are not disturbed, leading to eggs getting cold.
 Keeping dogs on a lead to ensure they don’t disturb incubating birds.
 Watching your feet - eggs are hard to see and are easily trampled.
 Walking on the lower part of beaches where birds don’t tend to lay their eggs.

We are hopeful this will be a good year for our beautiful beach nesting birds and will update you all at the end of the season. 

  • This has probably been asked many times recently but when do you think Titchwell reserve will be open? Also at a loss to understand the lack of toilet facilities at the reserves when the National Trust and RHS have their toilets open at their sites.