In the week commencing 13 January 2020 our woodland works start in earnest: This will improve the woods for spotted flycatchers, lesser-spotted woodpeckers and other species.

Much of the work will be at the southern end of the reserve, below the HQ gardens, and from time to time it may be necessary to close parts of the trail network for safety. As well as the obvious risks from felling, there will be large vehicles taking timber along the bridleway and drive, and lorries taking timber offsite near the Gatehouse entrance.

The main aim will be to reduce numbers of conifers of lower value for wildlife, open up glades, and help light reach over-shadowed oak trees. Standing and fallen deadwood will be increased. We hope that this will produce a denser, scrubby under-canopy, which will be better for birds, bats and invertebrates.

Work areas are checked for wildlife including birds and bats, and contractors will be excluded from the vicinity of badger setts and veteran trees (marked with red and white tape).

The work should take just 2-3 weeks. Please take care along the trails and drive and obey path closures, signs or directions from the forestry workers. There will be forestry machines taking logs up the drive, and lorries pulling into the bell-mouth opposite the gatehouse.