The woodland work for this winter (2019/20) is almost over, after only two weeks of felling.  For those of us managing the reserve this is a very exciting change; as I've posted previously it will greatly improve our woodlands for spotted flycatchers, lesser-spotted woodpeckers and other species.

It may look messy for a while! The wardens and volunteers are now clearing up after the loggers, putting paths back in order, and planting a few broadleaf sapling trees with deer protection.

The light that now reaches down to the woodland floor will bring on other tree seedlings, bramble, bracken and hopefully more interesting plants and invertebrates which in turn will provide food for birds and other wildlife.

By the end of this week (31 January) we expect that lorries will have removed the remaining logs from timber stacks near the Gatehouse entrance.
Image: RSPB, Peter Bradley