The work to install car ports in the over-flow car park at The Lodge has been delayed by a couple of days. The work will now start on Wednesday 5 March and is very likely now to extend into the following week. The car ports and installation equipment will be delivered on Tuesday, so the overflow and other areas of the car park will be closed to allow access to lorries.
Car-parking capacity will be reduced during the works as the over-flow will be shut through-out the duration of the works.
Why are we doing this project?
Climate change is one of the greatest threats to birds, wildlife and people worldwide and the RSPB is looking to further its sustainability mission to enable the organisation to progress towards its 2050 energy vision which sets out an ambitious target to reducing its carbon footprint in the UK by 100%, from 1990 levels. As an organisation we are also tasked with reducing carbon dioxide emissions from energy use in RSPB buildings by 2020. Installing solar and for the first time in UK, in the form of car ports represents part of that mix to achieve this goal.
The project also demonstrates the use of clean, green energy and, in addition, means we don’t have to buy in energy from the National Grid.