Here are the next dates for the Hobby watches.

Friday 02 August 11am - 4pm ...
Saturday 03 August 11am - 3pm
Sunday 04 August 11am - 3pm

Monday 05 August 11am - 4pm
Tuesday 06 August 12:00 - 3pm
Thursday 08 August 1pm - 4pm
Friday 09 August   11am - 4pm

Saturday 10 August 11am - 3pm
Sunday 11 August   11 am -3pm

These are approximate times and depend on the weather- the volunteers won't be out if there is rain or strong winds, and the hobby's will be tucked away anyway.

The hobby watch point is along the Buzzard trail, near the path to Sandy. There is a green A- frame showing the spot to look for if we aren't there, but seeing the nest is quite tricky, especially without a telescope!

  One of the 2019 adults- Image credit Ray Piercy.