We are hoping that the spotted flycatchers will be seen here this week. Although they are the generally the last summer migrant to arrive in the UK, they are normally on the reserve around the 7th-10 May, so are later this year. There was a report a couple of weeks ago, but this was exceptionally early and there were no further sightings after this.

Hobby's have been seen on occasions, but not on a regular basis yet. They are probably deciding on their breeding location and flying to different areas. With the cold nights, we haven't seen any dragonflies and very few hirundines are over the reserve, so they are no doubt also having to go further afield to feed at this time.

There are plenty of warblers around, it seems a good year for whitethroats, garden and willow warblers and blackcaps, and I have seen several lesser whitethroats on my birding travels at different reserves over the last week. A cuckoo is in the general area just off the reserve, but heard much more often than seen.

The next few days are looking warm and sunny, but with cold nights again, then it is getting colder again, so let's see what the week ahead brings!

  Image credit; Rob Gilmore

Lots of youngsters being fed now, a freshly fledged nuthatch was at the hide this morning!