Although the reserves are closed, there's plenty of wildlife to enjoy in our own gardens and on walks locally, and see, hear or even photograph.. 

One of my favourites is the goldfinch, which is stunningly beautiful, dressed in gold, black, red and white. I can only describe the song as 'bubbly'. Check it out for yourself on the RSPB website:

Last year I was amazed to find they had nested in a  climbing rose, just outside my bedroom window. The cup-shaped nest was built stealthily by the parent birds, who then laid eggs, kept them warm, and then for some weeks fed the baby birds. There was a stressful night when winds pulled the rose away from the wall, leaving the nest (with sitting parent) bouncing precariously on the end of a long stem in mid air, but I'm pleased to tell you that they raised their little family succesfully. This spring (April 2020) they have moved across the road, into some field maple trees, though they still visit the garden and sing daily. 

Any near you?

Image (c) Rob Gilmore