Drove up Station Road Buckenham from the car park to the T junction after a visit to the marshes this afternoon.  Stopped.  Ahead of me on the large ploughed field were two hares boxing. 

The female resisted the advances of the male to her left. 

Having parked by and off the road, I watched the antics of up to nine hares.



  • I went to look today but they were not there. You know what they say, "Hare today, gone tomorrow!"

    (sorry, couldn't resist it! ;-)

    By the way, if you see anyone walking dogs around there, especially Greyhounds or the like, let the police know as they may be weighing the place up for hare Coursing.

  • In reply to Old Taoist:

    Hi all,

    The footpath at Buckenham is a public right of way and lots of people do walk their dogs there which is absolutely fine.  However if you do see something that concerns you, please report it to us at the office.  You can call us on 01603 715 191 or email strumpshaw@rspb.org.uk.

    In the meantime, keep those eyes peeled for hares!


    Broads Area Team Administrator

  • In reply to Lotte Large:

    A True Hare Story for Lotte:

    There was a Hare walking through the woods.

    Suddenly a Fairy appears in it's path.

    "Who are you?" asked the Hare.

    The Fairy replied "My name is Nuff."

    "Oh!" said Hare, "Fairy Nuff!"

    "Will you get out of my way then?"

    Fairy Nuff said, "If you try to push past me I'll cast a spell and make you turn into a Goon at midnight!"

    The Hare replied, "Oh well, Hare today Goon tomorrow!"