Walking along the river from the Pumphouse a dog otter showed regularly, only staying on the surface on most occasions for a second or two.

Passed the track back to Reception and he was still there, if elusive.

Stopped at the end of the dyke which runs from Reception Hide past Fen Hide to the river.  Dog otter on far side, mainly submerged but showing much of the time.

A female otter and two cubs appeared.  The youngsters played and called to each other in the middle of the river.  The male and female met up and she responded to his attempts to court her for a short while.  Both otters bending around each other.

They split up and a noisy boat when past and another.  No previous river traffic.  Otters still calling, unseen by me as I left.

Back at Reception I was told the mother and cubs would be together for a few more months yet.