This group/site.

I only stumbled on this part of the RSPB site a couple of weeks ago, but it does seem rather quiet in here ... 

Is it "new" and people have not discovered it yet, or are people put off because it can be slow to load.  Considering how many "regular visitors" I recognise from my visits to the reserve, I thought there would be many more than the 38 members there are at present.

Or am I missing something?

  • Quiet! QUIET!!!

    You are not kidding. I've seen more life on a piece of cheese! ;-P

  • In reply to Old Taoist:

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately this area of the website is tricky to find, however if you would like to promote it to friends then please take one of the small black 'business cards' we have in Reception Hide.  The cards have links to all of our social media pages.  We'd love to have more discussions on the forum so please keep posting!



    Broads Area Team Administrator