Visit 24 June

First time visit, hoping for three things ..

The walk across the meadow soon provided the first success - a swallowtail hurried across our path, but it didn't tarry and I couldn't get any photos.  Sadly there were no others showing later - perhaps a little too cloudy and close after the previous days of sun?

Once over the bridge the dragonflies began to perform well, bringing on target no 2 - the Norfolk Hawker.  At no time did I see one touch down, so I felt lucky to get even this:

Far more accommodating was a four spot chaser

and then a black tailed skimmer on the path to the Fen Hide

and patrolling the reedbeds and strimmed off nettles in a clearing some Scarce Chasers

The tower hide eventually produced a glimpse of target 3 - as a bittern was chased across the water and into the distant reedbed by a pair of gulls (again no photo!)  At least the tern put on a bit of a show

Walking around towards the boardwalk we spotted a nice Large Skipper

and serenading us a reed bunting

Sunning himself at the boardwalk - both on our arrival and departure - was this common lizard - moving quickly when sensing our presence!

A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a day off work.