On the 22nd February 2013 the South Stack volunteers were treated to a day out at lake Vyrnwy by the staff. Our escorts for the day were Jon our Catering Manager and Hayley our People Engagement Officer.

At the outset the volunteers would like to say a massive 'THANK YOU' to both our management staff from South Stack and to all the staff at the RSPB lake Vyrnwy reserve for devoting their time to making our day so enjoyable.

Lake Vyrnwy Nature Reserve and Estate is an area of land in Montgomeryshire, Powys, Wales, surrounding the Victorian reservoir of Lake Vyrnwy. Its stone-built dam, built in the 1880s, was the first of its kind in the world 

Area: 4.53 km²

Surface elevation: 251 m

Length: 7.64 km

Width: 1.05 km

Mean depth: 44 m

Inflow source: River Vyrnwy

The site layout for lake Vyrnwy.

This was a very cold day, in fact the coldest that I have been all winter. In spite of this it was a smashing day out.

On arriving we were met by Graham, one of the Lake Vyrnwy volunteers, he took us to the RSPB run farm about half a mile from the visitor centre.

We were then given a talk about the farm by Mike, the site manager and Jan, the field teacher who runs lambing live!

Jan Evans explaining to our volunteers the importance of organic farming!

I had been to Lake Vyrnwy previously but until now I had been unaware that there was a working farm on the site.

We were given a tour with corresponding explanations about the various activities. I found the whole thing very interesting.

The farm is operated completely organically.

The animals are used to graze the land.

After the farm visit we were taken back to the visitor centre were we had lunch. After lunch we were taken on a walk around part of the reserve by one of their volunteers.

Although quite cold  ('a massive understatement') it was very enjoyable. A short distance from the visitor centre is the Dam which creates the lake.

The water is transferred by gravity to Liverpool, this was the reason for creating the lake in the first place. The original inhabitants were moved

out of the valley and then it was flooded.

Hayley checking her charges.

One that I took earlier of the Dam.

The view looking up the lake from the Dam.

This tower contains strainers. These stop undesirable items getting into the pipework. 

I could not resist putting autumn colours into the shot with Photoshop! The white is actually ice.

Anyway 'On with the walk'

Jon our Catering Manager looking pleased.

We saw a pair of Dippers upwards of this little weir.

There were wood sculptures along the walk.

To continue,

The cafe near to the visitor centre, (they make chips I am told).

And finally back to the visitor centre. From here we boarded the minibus and travelled home.