This review was posted by Babs (Volunteer at South Stack RSPB reserve)

The book is 'Looking for the GOSHAWK' by Conor Mark Jameson

I found this book an interesting mix of a personal story, with some science and history, one mans jurney looking for the 'Phantom of the Forrest'. 

He visits Germany, Scotland and the USA asking why the birds are successful there and yet so rare in his own part of the world. His fascination of wildlife shines through, I love for example his description of forest floors 'Lurid with the tones and textures of fresh moss'. I could almost smell the aromas and feel the atmosphere.

His enthusiasm to learn more about these birds is very evident, but but he is never disappointed when he doesn't see them, but just happy to know he is in their world.

It is one mans journey looking for the ever elusive Goshawk, well worth reading even if you are not a 'birder', but it is not a 'How to find a Goshawk' book it is a good read. At the back of the book there are historic records of goshawk in the British Isles.