Your last chance to see our puffins is rapidly approaching, as they will soon be disappearing back  out to sea . It is also the best time to come and visit, as up to 15 puffins have been spotted at one time on the ledges where they breed. These lovable 'clowns of the sea' as the Italian translation puts it , can be seen even from near the top of the lighthouse steps, on patrol outside their burrows.  Its a sight not to be missed!

Our guillemot and razorbill chicks are growing rapidly and look like miniature versions of their parents. Still well hidden and guarded from predators these heroic youngsters are already taking that leap of faith onto the water. Our razorbill chick on the webcam  went onto the water on Monday 25th June late in the evening. It was seen pacing up and down   the ledge as both parents had seemingly deserted it.  This would have been the first time the chick had been  left on its own as both parents encouraged it to jump!  Eventually after a flap of wings it vanished from sight and hopefully made it safely off the ledge. This spectacle  is being repeated all over the cliffs  at this time, mainly in the evenings under the cover of twilight. Why not come and see it for yourself?