Laura was a young Spanish Senorita who spent several weeks at RSPB South Stack reserve as a volunteer. Her intention is to start up guided nature tours in Spain on her return. The birds in Spain are remarkable, I usually go myself to southern Spain each year on holiday. We hope that her time spent with us at our reserve will help her with her ambition.

Below are some pictures to remind her of her time with us.

Above is Ellin's tower where Laura spent much of her time, she would chat to our visitors and I must say that her english was extremely good.

below Laura and Tricia, Tricia being one of our full time officers.

Two of the volunteers took her to Llandudno and then on to the Conwy RSPB reserve so that she could see more of the area.

Unfortunately Punch and Judy were not performing.

Which way now?

To the Pier I think.

It was a pity about the weather.

And on to Conwy.

Laura capturing views to take back to Spain.

A few of her colleagues share an evening drink with her.

Bye Laura maybe you will return, we wish you every success with your venture.