Spathulate Fleawort is bracing itself against the strong May winds and can now be seen flowering on several places on the reserve! It is one of the rarest flowers in the world and can only be seen here on Anglesey. Flowering on the steepest cliff faces and thriving on the sea spray, it can be seen near Ellin's tower, just by the benches.  Several more plants are flowering along the coastal path from Ellin's tower and down on the range as well. If you have never seen one of these special plants then now is the time to come along and experience it for yourself !  A lovely yellow cluster of daisy heads on a single short stem, quite distinctive and easy to spot.

Many of the spring flowers are now at their best and its a lovely time of year to come and explore the reserve and enjoy the abundance and variety  of flowers and their vibrant colours . Blue carpets of spring squill can be seen contrasting with the vivid pink of thrift. From the tiny yellow tormentil and birds foot trefoil, to the sea campion with its large white petals and bulbous seed pods. Scabious is now flowering with its darker shade of blue and the large ox eye daisys are popping up all around the reserve. Kidney Vetch is putting on a great display along the cliff edges trying to out shine the other plants! The famously rare spotted rock rose should be flowering soon.

Along with the flowers many different types of catterpillar have been seen munching away on the heathland plants. So, anytime now there will be an explosion of moths and butterflies! Why not come along this Saturday 19th May  to our  ' save our butterflies' event. See the website for more details.


Theres so much to see at the moment, the reserve is litterally brimming with life.  The chough chicks are doing very well. There are four chicks who are growing in leaps and bounds! There's a hive of activity down on the cliffs as the seabirds are in full swing laying their eggs.  So, come along and see it for yourself and have a birdseye view of nature at its best!