We stole one of the rare sunny days to have a barbecue. By the evening it was not quite as warm has it had been earlier in the day. My wife and I are volunteers at South Stack and find that the people that we work with are like an extended family. Having said that we have a number of 'Black Sheep'.

 They graze the mountain helping to manage the vegetation. However back to the barbecue.

Let us start with the main man, THE COOK. This is MO's husband he usually does the cooking for us.

The next pictures are shots of the gang.

Above centre is Jon our Catering Manager, front is Denise our Warden and right is my better half.

This is Babs my wife with Emily Jane's daughter.

This is Hayley on the left our People Engagement officer, the others I have already introduced.

There is not a lot to say about a barbecue we all had a good time and it was a good opportunity for us all to get together. 

Because I have not a lot to say I have padded out the blog with a few pictures. I hope that you like them.

All for now.