The first wader chicks of the year have started to appear, on Pitsea Scrape avocet and lapwing chicks can now be seen out on the islands, very cute indeed! Also keep a look out for marsh harrier and cuckoo, they can regularly be seen flying over the scrape.

Avocet on nest with chick - Uncredited

Elsewhere on the reserves, there is still lots to be seen and heard, listen out for corn buntings on West Canvey Marshes, their song is said to sound like someone ‘jangling some keys’.

Corn Buntings by Jeff Delve

Also on West Canvey Marshes, keep a look out in the ditches for water voles. The ditches around the dog walking loop are especially good; recently an adult has been seen carrying their young across one of the ditches near the playground.

Water Vole by Ben Hall

The blue tits in our Wildlife Garden at Wat Tyler Country Park are doing well, the eggs have now hatched and the chicks are growing up fast. All the action can be seen on a live video feed in to our Visitor Centre, so come in and see how they’re getting on.