The birds have been busy looking after their young as they start their new lives.

On West Canvey the Coot chicks have been seen with their parents. The Reed Warblers have bee singing in the reed beds while the Skylarks have been making their presence known in the air. On the water the ducks have been represented by Shovelers, Shelducks, Tufted ducks and Pochards. There have also been large number of Mute Swans reaching 25. Next door on Canvey Wick A Hobby has been seen hunting and both Great-spotted and Green Woodpeckers  have been recorded. Both male and female Cuckoos have been calling. For those of you who are botanists the Common Spotted Orchids have been blooming. Two Bee Orchids have also been found. Green Hairstreak butterflies and Specked Woods have been fluttering around together with plenty of small blue and skipper butterflies.

On Bowers Marsh the Avocets and their chicks are there in large numbers. The Red Kite has been spotted once more and a Yellow Wagtail has been seen. Both Swifts and Swallows have been zooming through the air in search of insect prey. On June 5 a Red-crested Pochard was reported on the fresh water lagoon.