The Friends of Wat Tyler Wildlife Garden are hosting a plant sale to encourage more people to make their gardens wildlife friendly and to raise money for future projects in the garden. The plant sale will take place on Sunday 4th November from 10am-4pm at the RSPB Visitor Centre in Wat Tyler Country Park.

The South Essex Wildlife garden is now a space where people and wildlife can flourish. It is managed by volunteers and seeing the overall project come together has enthused everyone involved to keep going and to widen the overall concept of community engagement for the future.

If you visit you can follow our newly widened paths as they meander between flowers, trees, herbs and past our newly refurbished wildlife ponds. Wheelchair and pushchair friendly, the whole family can enjoy picking out a spot to run, roll or picnic. 

As you wonder round, look out for garden favourites including gold finches, spotted woodpeckers and fiches. If you’re lucky you might even spot a visiting sparrow hawk, hovering above the tree lines or a slow worm curled up enjoying the sun.

Our nectar rich flowers also encourage bees, butterflies and bats to visit, with the ponds offering a place for darting dragonflies and great underwater beasties.

Whatever the time of year, join us in the garden to relax, play and see how wildlife and people can live side by side.

Plants for sale include Phlomis (Jerusalem Sage), Teasel, Lemon Balm, Sempervivium, Rose Campion, and Umbrella Bamboo.

Teasel, Andy Hay (

For more information call 01268 498620