Our Sherwood Forest adventure took a huge leap forward in September as contractors moved on site to begin work on the new visitor centre.

Whilst it’s currently just a hole in the ground, and not especially exciting to look it, this is a massive moment for everyone connected to the project. After years of planning, we’re now starting to see the site coming to life and the footprint of our new centre taking shape – it couldn’t look better in our eyes!

The building will have some stunning views out over the forest from its relocated home at Forest Corner – providing a modern gateway to an ancient landscape – a theme we’re reflecting when we celebrate the start of the build with consortium partners on October 3rd.

They’ll be joined by the forest’s most famous son and archer, Robin Hood, along with young pupils from neighbouring St Mary’s Primary School, to help retell an ancient story for a 21st century audience. 

Legend has it that Robin’s dying action was to fire an arrow, declaring ‘bury me where it lands’.

Well, at our event, rather than burying a legend, this time the spot where Robin’s arrow lands will mark the place where schoolchildren will plant a new one - in the form an oak sapling. And we all know what comes from tiny acorns – just take a look at the 23-ton Major Oak just a few hundred yards away in the forest.

Shaun Thomas, our Director of UK Countries will join partners, Robin and our young guests to begin this new chapter in Sherwood’s history – and we’re looking forward to reading many, many more in the weeks, months and years to come!

Photo: Colin Wilkinson