As many of us have heard on the news, or even seen with our own eyes, the world is going through a catastrophic climate crisis.  

It’s hard to ignore how our climate has been changing over the past few years, with the MET office recording extremer temperatures year on year. This year alone we experienced the UK’s hottest ever recorded temperature at 38.7°c and only last year did we experience the ‘Beast from the East’. As a country not necessarily known for climate extremes this should be worrying for everyone. 

With the rising sea levels getting ever higher and the rate of species extinction 1000 times higher than the natural course, scientists have given us a mere 10 years to combat our environmental issues before disastrous effects. 

The increased burning of fossil fuels and accelerated production of one-use plastics since the industrial revolution has drastically changed our environment and it has consequently fallen on the younger generations to raise awareness and take on the mantle before it is too late.  

On September 20th 2019, young people and adults alike will take to the streets across the world, leaving school and work, to strike against the state of the climate in the Global Climate Strike. 3 days before the UN Emergency Climate Summit in New York, thousands of people will make their voices heard to the world’s governments. 

The UK Student Climate Network and Earth Strike Movement, in partnership with Youth4Strike, are holding a strike in Birmingham, starting from Victoria Square. It’s the opportunity to get out and make a difference and support the youth as they continue to campaign for a better response against the climate crisis.  

RSPB Sandwell Valley are switching off in support of the Global Climate Strikes.

From 11am till 4pm on Friday 20th September, we will be aiming to reduce our electricity usage by 50%.  

Here's what we’ll be turning off at RSPB Sandwell: 

  • Our coffee machine and kettle 

  • Our lights (except ones required by Health and Safety)

  • All our electrical equipment in our office and workshops 

  • Our fridges 

Not to worry if you need a warming beverage. We’ll be making hot drinks on our sustainably-sourced fire with a free campfire snack for anyone who pledges to make a difference to benefit the climate.  

Alongside this you’ll have the chance to help us conduct a BioBlitz (a field study and survey of what we can find) in our Wildlife Garden and explore our nature here at RSPB Sandwell Valley. 

Only have an hour to spare? Half an hour? Not a problem! Come and join us as we head out of the office and into the outdoors for a moment of fresh air.

Follow the links below if you’d like any further information on any of the events: 

To find out more on our Switch-Off event see here.

To find out more on the Global Climate Strike see here.