Hi, I am Owen!

I am not only speaking for myself, but for the Eco-council at Witton Middle School in Droitwich. I wanted to help nature, so I joined my school Eco-council. When I found out about the Albatross Appeal, I suggested we should collect stamps for it, and our Eco-teacher said that we could. The RSPB sent us a stamp collecting kit which I put together and took to school. We put it by the school library. I spoke in assembly, and told everyone about the albatross, what is happening to it, and told them we were collecting stamps to help, and how the RSPB would turn the stamps into money by selling them to stamp collectors. The Eco-council also put it in the Witton newsletter.

After four months I took the box home, sorted the stamps, and weighed them. We had collected 1.3 kg of stamps!!! A few days later, I went to our nearest RSPB reserve, Sandwell Valley, and handed them in. The RSPB will use the money from the stamps to give lessons to fishermen on how to fish without hurting the albatross. Why don’t you collect stamps for the RSPB Albatross Appeal too?

 - Owen

(Just a few of the stamps Owen has collected so far)

The albatross is an amazing bird. In fact, the wandering albatross has the longest wingspan of any bird on Earth: 2.5m - 3.5m! That's pretty big! But these birds are in need of our help. It's estimated that over 100,000 albatrosses are killed each year, and 15 out of 22 face extinction. However, despite these figures, together we can help save this species and give them a brighter future. Thanks to volunteers and nature lovers just like Owen, we can aid the ATF (Albatross Task Force) in bringing the albatross back from the edge of extinction.

If you'd like to have a go at collecting stamps for the Albatross Appeal and becoming a stamp-saving super hero, you can find out more here: https://www.rspb.org.uk/join-and-donate/other-ways-to-help/save-your-stamps/