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    Gents, there have been no personal attacks in this thread. I apologise if my comments have been misinterpreted. My "a**e out of the grass" comment was ill-worded and unnecessary.

    Trust me, you don't know who I am. I'm just an occasional visitor to Rye Meads who happened to stumble across this thread. Whoever the Dave M you think is me, isn't. So please don't hold my comments against them.

    I do stand by the sentiment of my comments but again apologise if they have came across as offensive. I'll leave the RSPB to defend themselves in future, Debs has proven that they are more than capable of that.

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    Dave M,

    Thank you for being man enough to say sorry, there's a Dave M who does cause issues, the way your post was worded it lead people to think you were he, if you are not, then that is fine, matter closed.........

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    Hi Dave M.

    Apologies accepted. It seems you are not who we thought, sorry for that but would have explained your ill words. Obviously just your passion coming out.

    We all stand by our sentiments and we all want the best for the wildlife at the end of the day. Our passions sometimes overrun. I'm sure you will have read amongst my questions and comments that I am a Rspb volunteer (not at Rye Meads), wildlife enthusiast - not just a wildlife photographer, certainly not a shooter. Anyway - no more of this thread.