Today we are having a nice treat with a lovely summer plumage grey plover and a ringed plover joining our regular little ringed pair, red shank and lapwing on the scrape.  A snipe put in  a brief appearance bringing the wader total to 6 for the day. Yesterdays brief appearance by an avocet sadly only seen by a few, was a lovely bonus too.

Grey plover

Ringed plover

A Cuckoo has been showing nicely this morning on the power lines before the kingfisher hide and has put in an appearance in this location over the last couple weeks.

The common tern raft has been put out on the lagoon, along with the earlier positioned black headed gull rafts, and a few pairs tern are now settling on the rafts amongst the 264 pairs of black headed gull.

little ringed plover

The kingfishers are continuing to feed the young of their first brood which are due to hatch around the 3 or 4 of June, the pair have already started checking out a new burrow so all looks on course for the second brood.