Today would have been one of our regular Rye Meadlings sessions on the reserve. So we thought we would share some of the activities we might have been running for you to try with your little ones in your own home or garden.

Here are some Easter themed activities for you and your children to try out over the next few days. Please bear in mind the latest Government restrictions and do not travel to access outdoor spaces. Some of these ideas would be great in a garden but there are also some ideas to keep your little ones busy inside as well. Let us know how it goes!


1. Colour hunt. Hide different coloured items around your outdoor space or a room indoors and get the children to find the different colours.
2. Egg and spoon race. You could use a hard boiled egg or similar or even hunt for an egg shaped stone. Grab a spoon and make a race track in the garden. Time trials might be a good extension.
3. Home-made skittles. Collect some empty plastic bottles from your recycling and fill them half-way with water. You could even add a few drops of food colouring if you want to make them colourful. Give the bottles a shake, set them up and use a bean bag or largish ball to try knocking them over.

4. Make some Easter fingerprint cards
Grandparents and other relatives and friends would be charmed to receive an original card made by your little one – so have a go…
You will need:
Paint, paper or card, marker pen and something to squirt the paint in to. Plus, some protection for your table & toddler’s clothes!
Have fun getting lots of lovely small fingerprints in different colours. When the paint has dried use a marker pen to make the rabbit and chicken additions. (see pictures below)

Have fun and stay safe!