Back in September we announced the fantastic news that the Kingfisher Viewing Hub project would be going ahead.

We closed the Kingfisher Loop at the beginning of October and this closure will be in place until the new Hub is up and running in March 2020 - just in time for the Kingfisher breeding season.

So, what's been happening in the meantime?

Our dedicated team of habitat management volunteers have been clearing vegetation to allow access for the contractors that will be demolishing the current hide and constructing the new Hub. Our volunteers have also been busy removing the windows and fixtures from the existing hide including Mike Langman's fantastic original artwork which we we reuse in the new Hub.

We have also been cutting the reedbed on the right of the Kingfisher Pool to allow the creation of new Water Vole habitat as well as extending the pool.


Mike Langman's artwork that has been removed to be re-displayed in the new Hub.

As the progress continues we will keep you informed of our progress.

We are still accepting donations for the project and welcome any support you can offer. Please donate at the visitor centre.