Well it's been an exciting time here at the kingfisher hide over the last few weeks! The kingfishers have started to incubate their first brood and we estimate hatching between the 6th and 8th May. They become a little more elusive during incubation and may only be seen for changeovers every 3-5 hours.

Also in one of the kestrel boxes on the pylon, we have tawny owl and owlets...the cuteness is beyond words and they have created lots of interest as you can imagine!

Other sightings over the past few weeks include: little ringed plover, redshank, greenshank, green sandpiper, yellow and grey wagtails, wheatear, yellow hammer, greenfinch, sedge warbler, grasshopper warbler, jay, common terns, blackcaps, swallows, swifts, house martins, snipe, dunlin, red kite, buzzards and 3 lapwings appear to be nesting on the Draper scrape 

Photos: Mary Smith