In early 2018 we asked you to fill out questionnaires, vote for your favourite feature and share your ideas with us on what the new structure should look like – thanks!

 The project team analysed the feedback you gave us and used it to create a design brief to help us select a contractor. The team have since been working closely with Gilleards (the successful contractor) and we are excited to share with you the design of the new Kingfisher Viewing Hub!

 We hope this design will allow more people to enjoy close-up views of our breeding Kingfishers whether you are a photographer, birdwatcher or family group.

Next Steps

We have submitted this design for pre planning permission and are currently awaiting a response. The council’s feedback may result in changes to the design or other aspects of the project.

 We are also in the process of submitting bids to multiple funders as this project is entirely dependent on external funding.

 If all goes according to plan we hope for work to start in October 2019 and be complete by end of February 2020. This time line is not set in stone as we must abide by planning and funding outcomes.

We have displayed these boards in the visitor centre do please have a look on your next visit. Over the next few weeks we will add a chalk board so we can keep you updated as the project progresses.