Great News, 2 changeovers have been sen today at the kingfisher bank! The first was at roughly 11.50 and the next almost exactly 2 hours later at 1.50.  Incubation lasts 19-21 days so we would expect hatching around 19-21 April.  An early start to the season but looks good for another successful year.

The last week or so has provided some nice surprises as spring migration kicks in, a common crane fly over on the 23 March was the biggest surprise, black tailed godwits stop off on 22 and 30 March were a bit more expected for the time of year as was the marsh harrier passing through on 29 March but the kittiwake  visit on 27 March was another treat.  Chiff chaff and black cap number have increased joining in the cettis  song on the reserve.  

A couple pairs of red shank have been on site and lapwing have been displaying over Draper and meadow, green sandpiper have been putting in a regular appearance and a pair of oystercatchers have been touring round the area with the occasional stop off at Rye Meads.  Good numbers of shovler and a pair of shelduck have been regulars through the month, and the last few teal remain.

Yesterday i was able to spend some time eyes skyward looking for any passing migrants and it turned out to be a good bird of prey day with 3 buzzards and a red kite climbing the thermals together, 2 sparrowhawks doing the same later, peregrine also on site and  the kestrels are courting and looking set to use the box on the pylon in the car park again.

Butterflies enjoying the sunshine include peacock, small tortoiseshell, comma, red admiral, brimstone and first orange tips of the season on 30 March.