Peregrine Chicks

Great photo of a Ramsey Peregrine nest site taken by day visitor Paul Allen on 9 June 2014.

Remarkably the image was taken on a mobile phone placed against the eyepiece of a telescope! You can just make out 3 small chicks on the rocky ledge. This nest site is visible from the island footpath system and good views can be had with a telescope. Although the island birds are always much later than many mainland sites, the chicks look healthy and the adults are busy bringing in food for them.

Ramsey's peregrines were the bird of choice for the English Kings who enjoyed falconry. King Henry II was returning from Ireland when on stopping at Ramsey a Peregrine stooped and killed his prize Goshawk! The king was duly impressed by these fearless birds. From then onward the King sent his men each year  to collect Peregrine chicks from Ramsey. They would take the birds from the nest just before fledging so that they could be trained.

Thanks to Paul for sending the photos.