Just had the most fantastic volunteer experience on Ramsey this July for 2 weeks.

2 weeks of blazing sunshine calm seas and meeting different and interesting people.

If you like people and also a bit of calm tranquility then this is the job for you.

My week involved helping with visitors,assisting them on and off the boats, supporting the wardens and assistant wardens in their roles as information providers and guides. Directing people in the direction of the birds and wildlife, providing backmarkers for arranged tours of the island and providing light refreshments for the visitors. I also helped with cleaning the toilets daily (whilst watching the swallows fledge), clearing farm buildings after shearing, clearing bracken using traditional methods of sickle and scythe.

But personally after my days work was done, I walked around different parts of the island, watched the manx shearwaters return home after a days fishing in the evening sun, met up with the deer (2 waking me up one night munching outside my window!!!), got surprised by a bull seal preparing to come ashore where I was sitting ( help!!!) and watched young peregrine falcons play mid-air.

The wardens Greg and Lisa were brilliant but it was Amy who became our guide educator and friend. learn't a hell of a lot and  we had some really funny times!! + good food!!

Thank you all so much