Following successful rat eradication 20 years ago, Ramsey has seen a remarkable increase in its Manx shearwater population and the return of storm petrels to breed. But despite all manner of attempts to lure them back, one target species has alluded us….the puffin!

So in an audacious and forward thinking bid to finally lure the ‘clown of the sea’, or the ‘money bird’ as they are sometimes called, back to the island the RSPB can announce today that we are going to move Ramsey 6 miles south to sit next to Skomer Island.

The logistical element will be challenging to say the least - jack up barges, tugs and a good anchor do not come cheap and the project is expected to cost in the region of £100 million….but we believe it is money well spent.

Not all at RSPB are supportive of the project however with Principal Seabird Boffin, Seymour Byrd commenting ‘What the staff on the ground are failing to take into account is climate change. Within 50-100 years it is very unlikely there will be any puffins left in the southern half of the UK as warming seas force their prey ever north’

Responding to this, an unnamed member of the RSPB Ramsey team said ‘He’s a cheery soul isn’t he?’

Despite our best efforts, people refuse to be conned into believing these are the real deal (photo credit:...well it doesn't really matter)

Other factors may prove challenging too such as obtaining a lease from the Crown Estate for seabed rental, planning permission from the National Parks and doing all this under the noses of our friends on Skomer without them knowing…..

A crowdfunding page will be set up soon to help members of the public support our vital project  Please use voucher code 040119 to be in with a chance of being the first person to set foot on the newly located island (and help us test the stability of the anchor points)

In the meantime we will battle on in the wastelands of the north showing people chough, peregrines, ravens, wheatears and the best seabird of them all, the razorbill - contact Thousand Islands Expeditions on 01437 721721 to book a place on the boat

Ramsey Island in its current location (photo: