We are currently in an 'unsettled spell'. No named storms yet this year but the past week has seen strong to gale force winds every day. After several days of groundhog day like weather consisting of rain and low cloud it was nice to actually see some sunshine today. The trade off being it was accompanied by torrential showers! Myself and the hound spent most of the day on the grey seal monitoring round. The season is winding down now but there are still 34 'white coat' pups on our study beaches, down from a peak of 198 on 29/9. There are still new pups being born though, these late in the season cows likely younger and inexperienced females. Their pups will be up against it to survive the autumn weather challenges these last few invariably face.

Below are are a few of the weather photos from today:

Rainbow over the east coast (squint hard enough and you can just about see a double!)

Sunshine and showers - earlier this morning, although this evening there is a much more emphasis on the 'shower' part!

Rough out west - view looking towards one of the Bishops and Clerks this morning