Time flies and before you know it one of the harbour pups has left and the other is about to go! Thought I'd better get a quick photo of this one uploaded in case I missed them both. This was known as 'badger' due to the look they had when the all black face was moulting through their white natal coat. In this photo 'badger' is 19 days old and the cow is long gone. She abandoned the pup at 15 days old and the pup was suddenly on their own. So far they are talking it in their stride and once again the weather has been kind. September is looking like one of the most settled we have known but I won't speak too soon as there is a bit of blow forecast for Sunday....

Pups are still popping out on beaches all round the island but we may have just passed the peak. Today was one of our official seal rounds and once the numbers are crunched I'll pop another update on here

A reminder of what 'badger' looked like just hours after being born way back on 3rd September! 60% fat milk, putting on 2kg a day, certainly seemed to do the trick.