Just a quick one this evening folks as it's been a busy day of cleaning (even though we're not opening the buildings still need sprucing up after winter) and meetings (Microsoft Teams is helping keep the RSPB Cymru family together!)

Couple of new birds for the year list today - little owl and white wagtail. Little owls are pretty scarce in Pembrokeshire now and Ramsey used to be a stronghold. Not that long ago we had up to 5 pairs but in recent years that has fallen to 2 pairs. They are not everyone's cup of tea as they are non native to the UK and have a tendency to feast on storm petrels on seabird islands. We only have a small population of stormies here and our little owls don't seem to have found them - whenever I sift through their pellets I tend to find them crammed with the remains of dung beetles and nothing much else! Ramsey is renowned for it's density of dung beetles (no doubt helped by our farming operation) which are a key prey item for chough.

Little owl on Ramsey (photo: Sonia Gadd)

And for those of you wondering where the daily Dewi photo is.....here he is in his favourite place i.e. anywhere the quad bike is! If I ever lose him I just have to look for the bike and there he will be. Ready and waiting (or sleeping!) for his next job! And before anyone says it no I haven't been doing doughnuts in the yard! Well not intentionally at least!

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